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This platform is built for all the Afro descendants who are willing to put their money where their mouth is and want to be part of the Next Africa. Our Motherland is not going to be built with wishful thinking. We have to invest, we have to plan for the next century, we have to look forward to an ideal bigger than merely becoming rich, we have to stop with the b.s. and start working for us, for our children, and our children’s children… down to the fifth generation.


The children of Africa have been talking for a while, for more than 60 years as a matter of fact. They have become experts at it. This platform is not a Think Tank but a Lab Tank, a place where experiments prime over is debated.


Africa has been the theater of slavery, genocides, colonization, neo-colonization. The enemies are clearly identified. Talking about them will not change much about the fate of our civilization.
1. Foreign Forces: Some of them are clearly the enemies of Africa. These are forces that want nothing but preserve their way of life at the expense of the lives of the children of Africa. History is our witness, the facts are clear.
2. False Brethren: These are people who are among us, our own flesh and blood but whose mindset are corrupted and serve as agents of evil at the service of foreign forces.


In spite of all our differences, we the children of Africa share in common the same enemies and the same goal. If we fail to plan the Africa we want, we will always live in a state of emergency, always reacting to the schemes of the enemies.


The biggest challenge of the children of Africa is the ability of her children to work together.

Look at the image above. What is it? Someone would say a sphere, others would say “not it’s a fruit”, still others would say “you are fundamentally wrong this is an orange”. They are all right but no one is willing to hear the other side yet, many among us – children of Africa – have been formatted to stick with our perspective without listening to the other side. We have to learn to work with each other and listen to each other. This is the only way we can work together in peace and in harmony.

If this paradigm shift does not fit in your value system, please do not join the movement.
We are busy building our Motherland.